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25 Mar

Collateral and loans – Where to apply

When we apply for a loan at a bank, and after analyzing our creditworthiness, it turns out that it is

20 Mar

Loan trends for the first half of 2020

Saving is not easy. Everyone who wants to set aside a small sum to implement smaller or larger plans knows

08 Mar

Beware of false loans at broken rates

The bad reputation of bankers, some do not hesitate to make their honey. Example with two sites presenting themselves as

23 Feb

0% quick loan – check it out

Agree Bank is a company with Polish capital, providing online loans in installments. It is worth noting that Agree Bank

14 Feb

A loan to finance the wedding of your dreams

Preparing for a wedding or a PACS is to start by assessing your budget. Because you have to give yourself

08 Jan

Works loan | Finance your renovation work with bank.

Works loan: do you have renovation projects? Can’t see your kitchen in paint anymore? Your bathroom dates from the 1940s?

06 Jan

Online loan – a way for our purchases

July 28, 2016 Storefronts tempt their design and offer. In particular, when they appear on them with the inscription –

01 Jan

Internet finance – a new era | Online loans

The Internet has become a place where we can do practically everything, including matters related to our finances.  We use