Beware of false loans at broken rates

The bad reputation of bankers, some do not hesitate to make their honey. Example with two sites presenting themselves as credit intermediaries. It’s very simple. With them, and despite our consequent loan request (from 100,000 to 150,000 dollars over the longest possible period), no need for personal contribution or minimum income ‚! As for the documents to be produced, apart from an identity document, the RIB, a payslip and a certificate of address, they are very succinct. It is more contrasted with regard to the rates ‚: if MoneyHold Express promised us 2% over thirty years, that is 0.5 to 1 point less than the rates in force, Rapidlend Credit hit hard by posting 3% over ten years, double the market . But the advisor quickly agreed to negotiate downward.


Loan scams

Loan scams

Even if we did not go further, needless to say, we would never have seen the color of this silver. “The scam then consists in demanding from the borrower the payment of a sum, in settlement of various costs. The transfer made, the fraudster does not give any more news, or claims money again under cover of other reasons, such as the release of the loan or the lodging of a guarantee “, summarizes Carol Hassan, chief within the direction of the control of commercial practices at the ACPR. Maneuver attempted by Steffy Morea, our contact at MoneyHold Express ‚:“ Your file completed, I will contact the bank and you will have to reimburse me for the necessary costs. ”Even if, despite our multiple reminders, he never gave the amount… Note‚: the same techniques are used by sites dangling savings books online,

“A rate below the market often indicates a fraudulent loan” warns Carol Hassan, head of the complaints department of the ACPR’s commercial practices control department. -.


What the law says

loan fraud

Whoever the interlocutor is, no amount of money can be claimed before the current release of a loan. Anyone presenting themselves as a broker must obtain an IOBSP number from Orias, the register of intermediaries in banking operations. And have a fundraising mandate signed. “Before finalizing the file, a document with the duration of the credit, the monthly payment, the rate as well as a depreciation table must be communicated”, specifies Sandra Alloin, from the broker Vansleigh Financing. If it is a financial institution proposing to lend you or receive deposits on a passbook, it must be registered in the Regafi register.

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