Works loan | Finance your renovation work with bank.

Works loan: do you have renovation projects?

Works loan: do you have renovation projects?

Can’t see your kitchen in paint anymore? Your bathroom dates from the 1940s? Does your plumbing need to be reviewed? Perhaps it is your electricity that you need to have revised? Has the roof of your home run out of time? Do you want to insulate your entire house? The facade of it requires some renovation work? Are you planning to have a veranda built? Would you like to buy a new boiler? Are you planning to secure your home by installing an alarm? Do you want to hire a professional? Do you plan to do it all by yourself? Whatever your construction or renovation projects, the Good Finance custom work loan solution is made for you.

Good news: the Good Finance works loan offers one of the most advantageous rates on the market ! Calculate the total amount of your loan via our credit simulator.

The advantages of the Good Finance works loan

The advantages of the Credafin works loan

  • An advantageous rate : the Good Finance works loan is one of the most advantageous on the market.
  • An amount released quickly : with Good Finance, you receive your money within 48 hours! The borrowed amount is transferred directly to your account. You just have to pay the different suppliers.
  • A repayment duration of your choice : it is you who choose the repayment duration of your work loan.
  • No booking fees : Good Finance does not charge any booking fees. Save money!
  • A fixed interest rate : the application rate on Good Finance works loans are fixed. No bad surprises.
  • No intervention by a notary : the Good Finance renovation loan does not require the intervention of a notary or mortgage registration.

Good Finance works loan terms

Credafin works loan terms

Acceptance terms

Obviously, remember that in order to take out any loan, you must be over the age of 18, receive regular income and reside in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

You must not be registered with the Cream Bank either, in order to limit any problem of over-indebtedness whatsoever.

Refund procedure

At a fixed date, you reimburse constant monthly payments through a direct debit. The first deadline falls 30 calendar days after the signing of the offer. This deadline remains in effect for the entire duration of the loan.

Works loan: renovation bonuses

Works loan: renovation bonuses

Both the federal government and the various regions offer renovation grants and subsidies. The amounts and conditions of these bonuses vary depending on whether you live in Brussels or in Wallonia.

Contrary to what many people think, this aid is not limited to investments made with the aim of saving energy. Work likely to eliminate the merule and other fungi, intended for drying the walls, the costs of replacing or repairing a rainwater tank, for example, can potentially and at least in part be taken into account. charge. Do not hesitate to inquire beforehand.

The loan guide

The loan guide

The construction loan, also called construction credit, renovation loan or renovation credit, is intended for anyone who wishes to carry out construction, renovation, development or any other type of work related to real estate.

The works loan consists of a loan granted by a specific entity – in this case the bank or financial institutions, at variable rates and with varying monthly payments depending on the circumstances of the loan. Different work credit solutions are offered on the Internet, meeting specific needs.

One credit for each project

There are as many work credits as there are types of work. Thus, it is therefore possible to take out a special renovation loan if the work relates solely to renovation, just as it is possible to opt for a loan dedicated to new construction. Each credit is different. The loan conditions are therefore likely to vary according to these.

Personal loan or earmarked loan?

Since a work credit can be allocated to specific work in a home, any loan between 5,000 and 100,000 $ is governed by the Consumer Code. Any borrower is thus obliged to inform the possible insurance costs and the APR.

He also benefits from a right of withdrawal and protection in terms of affected credit. The rates, the repayment durations and the administrative fees can however vary from one loan to another.

Online loan – a way for our purchases

July 28, 2016 Storefronts tempt their design and offer. In particular, when they appear on them with the inscription – known to every woman – “rooms”, which makes all ladies dizzy. It is the fair sex who enjoys sales most and I spend the most on them.

However, men do not differ from women and also use the products covered by the promotion. An expert from Good Finance will advise you on how to pay for purchases during the sale. 

Online loan – a way for our purchases

Online loan - a way for our purchases

At sales, we will buy not only summer clothing, which may be out of date next year but also classic and elegant outfits. This is the best time to stock up on classic suits or elegant creations. Although the promotions are large, completing the entire wardrobe can be a considerable expense.

In this situation, it is not worth wasting the opportunity and postponing shopping for later, the more that it is not only clothes that can be found during the promotion. Shops with sports and electronic products, as well as jewelry and cosmetics, are also subject to reductions.

Promotions in stores are usually twice a year, so you should be financially prepared to start them. However, if the money prepared for it was not enough to support us with an online loan. Thanks to the development of the FinTech sector, we can take the instant payday using a telephone with internet in the store. It is a quick, simple and above all safe way to borrow money. To choose the best offer, it is worth using tools such as the comparison of online loans – Good Finance

When do sales start?

When do sales start?

Promotions usually start at the end of June, and the best offers can be caught in August, as the promotion deepens. Often, many products get another discount. In the beginning, the discounts range from 20%. up to 50 percent, and then they are getting higher – they reach up to 70 percent.

The best offers, however, appear suddenly and last for a short time, so you should keep track of what is happening in stores. One way to control what is happening at your favorite outlet is to sign up for the newsletter or ask for information from sellers.

The holiday period is not only on holidays and holiday travels. It is also a time of hot sales, during which you can buy many products at an occasional price. If your shopping spree absorbs your savings, you can always support your home budget with an online loan.

Internet finance – a new era | Online loans

The Internet has become a place where we can do practically everything, including matters related to our finances. 

We use banking and loan services more and more often via the network. Research carried out in the middle of last year by Poll Survey shows that in the last 10 years the number of people using online banking has doubled. 6 out of 10 network users use bank websites.

In turn, a survey carried out last year by DGP and Assess indicates that half of the bank customers go to the branch no more than twice a year. Does this mean that we are slowly becoming convinced of modern forms of customer service?

Bank branches are a thing of the past

business loans

Bankers have noticed this trend. They are starting to consider the possibility of changing the services offered by the facilities. Over time, banking branches will be mainly focused on specialized consulting related to investment and mortgage products. Standard products such as low-value cash loans will be available mainly via the internet. We can already see changes in our market.

More and more young people, in need of additional funds, first check available options online, by browsing online forums, installment loan rankings, payday loan rankings and loan rankings. Online loans are a convenient way for us to finance needs in the absence of own funds.

Online loans as an alternative to traditional loans

Online loans as an alternative to traditional loans

Banks often force clients to visit branches to provide documents confirming the data entered e.g. in the loan application. That is why many of us who need a small amount choose banking institutions.

A short online request and quick response, even within 15 minutes, are expectations that many banks are unable to meet. The market also shows decreasing consumer confidence in the banking sector, while the increase in confidence is recorded by the non-banking market.

Free loans

Free loans

The possibility of borrowing money completely free is another argument for which many people choose non-bank institutions. Until now, only payday loans, i.e. short-term loans, were granted free of charge after about 30 days. Currently, some loan institutions have begun extending the repayment periods of free loans. At Fine Bank, we can apply for up to $ 1,500 with the option of repayment in two monthly installments.

On the other hand, Circle Lending offers a payday of 1500 dollars for two months for a symbolic 10 dollars. The new Best Loan promotion also allows you to repay your liability in two installments, all you have to do is pay half your debt within the first 30 days. In banks, even taking a short-term cash loan we have to cover fees such as commission, interest rates, and insurance.

Banks are more and more seriously looking at competition from loan companies and in the near future plan to create offers that may become competitive for the surrounding banking market. At the moment, however, banking papyrology and the increasing costs are visible obstacles in achieving this goal.